Oct 18, 2010

Mark Twain and Free Blogs! Twain was the first blogger!!!

Writing a blog is not an original idea and certainly not a new one.  Journal writing has been common since man first took up the pen.  But in this day and age anyone can have a free blog.  Templates and artwork is readily available.  

The Mark Twain bio will be released in the middle of November and I can hardly wait to get my hands on it.  He had been dead for 100 years.  It seems that Mark Twain had a tender heart and promised his family and friends that he would not bury them.  Telling the truth was not hard for him but hurting people was.  So, according to the Christian Science Monitor: 
"Mark Twain completed his autobiography – which he called "a complete and purposed jumble" – more than a century ago. But he told his publishers that they would not be able to publish it till 100 years after his death – which happens to be this year."
One hundred years is a long time but people like me are very interested in what he will have to say...still.  The delay in the publication of the biography has not dimished the interest in this book.   It seems that the more things change the more they stay the same...so I think I will find that his take on people, business and politics will be as relevant today as it was then.  We will see.

According to an interview given to the Sunday Morning Show, Twain took a very unusual approach when he put the story together.  It seems he dictated the story.  Whatever happened to be on his mind on any particular day made up the next chapter.  So the story does not follow his life chronologically.  I could only think....that is what a blogger does.  Like journal writers have been doing forever, we write what is on our mind when we sit down at the computer.  Mark Twain was just a man ahead of his time.

Unlike Mark Twain's family, many of our families are interested in our lives and want to have the story told now so the opportunity does not pass them by. Most families are not afraid of what you will say! Genealogy has become a popular hobby for many people.  Your autobiography and family history seems to go hand in hand.

When you have an online journal set up so only your children can read and you record what is on your mind each day and do some research while you are at it, you have started an a body of work for your family to look at for years to come.  There are even services online that will publish your blog along with pictures you upload. Blurb is the one I am familiar with but I do not know much about them.   So think about blogging.   Go to Blogspot.com or Wordpress and check it out.  The instructions are very clear, it's free and very simple!  FREE BLOGS...it doesn't get much better than that.

Thank you Mark Twain...you are still making us think. 


  1. Much of my family lives in and around Hartford where Twain is from--always passing his house
    I think journals began since people first could make intelligible symbols

  2. Thank you Pia...yes I would agree. But don't you find blogging very compelling. The story actually get told instead of just wandering around inside our head!



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