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Funny Signs...just when I think I have seen it all!

I am not an advertising guru or any kind of a guru for that matter.  I just know what amuses me.  I see signs like this all the time and wonder "Are they just....?"  These had me giggling.  It was the misspelling/mistakes/humor that caught my eye.  So do you suppose that people misspell things just for that very reason?  Could be.
Sign painter was plumb tuckered out! There is a place you can buy funny road signsso it must be very common.

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Beautiful Condominiums....links for decorating ideas + ++!

So you have purchased thatbeautiful condominium in the city...maybe not that big.  Should you give up stylish?  I don't think so.   Retirement (55 living) can be all about style.  Downsizing or beginning small does not mean we have to live in a cluttered and less than stylish space.  I have a few links I have been gathering that give us a better image of retirement style (even clothes girls!) and living in a small space.  I thought I would give you the list of links so you can use it as a reference:
Advanced StyleI have no idea how I found this website but when I did it went onto my link list immediately.  The blog, as I understand it, began as a emulation of a blog from New York called The Satorialist (listed as one of the the top 100 design influences by Time Magazine).  Advanced Style and Satorialist writers photographs people on the street...generally beautifully dressed.  Advanced Style was born with a theme..."You are never to old to be beautiful."  You will love it…

What is a SEO? Picking their brains (websites)!


I become very curious once in a while.  I kept seeing this acronym in relationship to promoting blog traffic.  SEO STRATEGIES So I did the research and wrote this article on hub pages.  I thought you might be interested.   What is a SEO? Picking their brains (websites)!

Small Space Room Design...multifuncition is the key!

The iPhone also includes  a Kindle...more than one use for this piece of technology.Image via WikipediaNote:  For added information of inexpensive living after retirement go to: Resort Living in Tucson AZ

What young people know about their iPhone and iPad is a lesson we can all use for all parts of our life...nothing should have only one use!  So what is so different about our furniture? 

Whether it is a modern living room design or any other room in the house we need to make  the best use of the space we have.  While having a beautiful space is important the old saying form should follow function could not be more true in this case.  With the right combination of furniture and storage units we can live in a small space without sacrificing comfort or beauty.
Lets say, for example, a small dining table or hutch area is transformed into a desk area with hidden or beautiful containers for letters, bills and tech equipment.  Big box stores and stores like Marshall's or Home Goods carr…

Do you need travel insurance....the worst can happen, even to you!

Image by Always at Home via FlickrI asked my daughter-in-law to give me the ultimate travel tip the other day. She and my son travel around the world as international educators teaching in Shanghai and putting on workshops for the Apple Corporation in Singapore. Her answer caught me by surprise...Expect the worse was her answer. I had no idea that she felt that much could go wrong because they seem to fly off into the unknown without a thought or fear. EXPECT THE WORSE made me stop in my tracks!

So, what is the worse? Then it began coming back to me...all those stories I had hear from friends. I had even forgotten our very own horror stories. She is entirely right. When we expect the worse, we prepare for it and life can go on while we are on vacation.

I have had my passport stolen by a gypsy in Spain. We were sitting in a restaurant in Plaza Major drinking a beer when a lady walked by with a baby swaddled in a shawl over her shoulder. The purse was gone when I…

Frugal Texas Gal: Going Off the Reservation

I thought you might enjoy reading Frugal Texas Gal's blog.  Here is the link:

Frugal Texas Gal: Going Off the Reservation: "It seems that in the next week or so I will be breaking my ever so limited budget, and more than a couple times. Usually when I jump off th..."

Why Hear Aids...I'm deaf and my family was suffering!

As the younger set would say OMG!!! I am now the proud owner of two, not just one, but two hearing aids!!!  Did I tell you I need them?  Well I do.  My hearing is less than 2/3 of what it should be and the TV in our house was blaring so loud our neighbor, Tom, knew what our taste in TV was and did not necessarily agree with us.
     If you or your husband had a pair of hearing aids several years ago and found they were more of a problem than a help, I totally understand.   The old hearing aids  were not good in crowds, the listening device was big and unsightly and the ear pieces hurt your ears no matter what the tech did to them. You are probably so disillusioned you think you cannot or will not wear them ever again. My husband fought getting new ones for that very reason!  He finally conceded that he needed help.  Soon after he was fitted with his he sent me to get tested too.  Now I am urging you to give the new hearing aids a try.   I think you will be happy with the resul…

8 VALUABLE Tips for All Thing Frugal...from someone that knows!

If you are retired you have all been around the block many times.  Your pool of living wisdom is so deep and wide it can overwhelm.  That is why I have hesitated to WRITE about living frugally...I am sure you all have tips to share with me!  So I have decided I will share with you and you can share with me.  It seems only fair. (Leave a comment and I will add your idea to the list along with your website link.)

CLOTHES SHOPPING  I learned a sweet secret when I was very young and thin.  Those days are long gone but this secret has been invaluable to building a wardrobe on a budget.  Sales are wonderful but if you shop for your size only your are missing the best bargains.  I just scored a beautiful pair of Eileen Fisher linen slacks last week for 75% off.  By looking on the rack of one size up and one size down, I will find very expensive clothes that are sized wrong or are made by a designer label that will cut clothes differently.  The last stop for those clothing is where you will fi…

Downsizing meets Technology or learning from the college student dorm room!

I love when a plan begins to come together. Take living in a small space/downsizing because of aging and its relationship to going high tech and compare it to the college student and their first ever home of their own.  If at all possible both of these groups want a space that is beautiful and comfortable.  But don't think that a small space being cool looking is going to replace the technology students need to function in a their dorm rooms or small apartments.

Now let's think about you and I moving into a small apartment. The decor may need to be good but it is not going to be enough. Just like the college student, we will need our space to function as a high tech space too. Now all the technology assisted living facilities are using is being offered by vendors to homeowners. It is very exciting.

So it seems that college students and downsizing seniors have a lot in common. They both want their space to be beautiful and high tech. Living like a college stude…