Mar 20, 2010

Vacation: Tanque Verde Guest Ranch, Tucson AZ

Corralled horses await riders on trails throughout the resort

We visited TanqueVerde Guest Ranch today and stayed for lunch in their beautiful dining room.  Our daughter and granddaughter are visiting with us this week so we get to show them the sights.  Tucson has so many hidden treasures and it truly has taken us a long time to dig out the places we know about. 

I always fall in love again with the 'wild west' when I visit this lovely resort.  Horse are corralled close to the center of the resort so visitors can greet and meet with the beautiful creatures.  This particular horse was taken with my daughter's jacket and kept trying to eat the buttons off the front.  How can you not love a horse with such a lovely personality?

The cowboy hat was purchased in the gift shop!  No adventure is complete without a little shopping.


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