Mar 24, 2010

Best Hamburgers in Tucson AZ

Nimbus Brewery, home of the best burgers in Tucson...or at least that is what I think...has a new location over on Tanque Verde (6464 E. Tanque Verde Rd. Tucson).  This is a very upscale address here in Tucson.  This street has some very good well established restaurants.    It features a full bar with great Martinis! is not the old Nimbus in any way.

The old Nimbus (3850 E. 44th St.) is located near the rail road tracks across the freeway from Davis Monthan Airforce base.  Trains and planes almost pass through the middle of the place. The racket is deafening.  Many times rock and roll music blares and it is a hangout for pilots both men and women.  You cannot deny that this place has atmosphere++++.  I took a picture of one of the tee shirts worn by a waiter today as we were eating lunch before our daughter flew home.  It is located near to the airport (sort of).  The tee shirt said: 

You should be spanked!  Drinking beer other than a microbrew shows poor breeding and a glaring lack of taste!

Have a wonderful day.


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