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Living, laughing, staying healthy!

My husband loves jokes on email...this one came from him today.  In fact the whole email was a series of pictures from  Take a look and's good for the mind and body!

see more Lolcats and funny pictures

Buying a Park low now or pay more in the fall!

RV Resort Living Link Small Park Model  For Sale Around the Corner From ME!!! 
In RV resorts all over the country, prices on Park Models will be at an all time low this time of year.  Owners are going home, rent dates are approaching and the visible buyers are becoming invisible.  Sellers get less hard nosed about bargaining and agents work deals you would not believe.  
On top of that there are a record number of units for sale.  We are coming out of a recession, the stock market is going up and it seems that prices may jump back up to where they were 18 months ago.  So, if you are a buyer, now is the time to do it.  I actually knew of an older model that was built so solid that the model was not easy to move.  It was for sale for $1000 dollars (plus rent)!  It was on a corner lot but did not have a awning or much parking.  But, for $1000, buyers can figure some of those problems out.

So here are some of the things I know:
Buy in the spring...the prices go down.Always add the cost of rent…

Restaurants...Portland Oregon and Tucson AZ

This was not a good restaurant but I loved all the neon. The sign in front said "ELEGANT DINING ELSEWHERE" Link to RESTAURANTS I LOVE

In my world, the absolutely perfect day is one that includes going out to eat.  I love all three meals so I am not choosy.  Just let me put on some lip stick and go to a restaurant with a beautiful decor or out door seating.    Good food can override beautiful decor but I am not up for cockroaches or dirty tile even if the food is good...I'm funny that way.  If I recommend a place, you know I will tell you if it is just rundown or plain dirty. 

AND I love to take pictures and write about the food, location, prices and the clientele.  Today I have included a link to past posts about the restaurants I have enjoyed.  Maybe you will be dressing up (a little) and eating out tonight.


Great You Tube Video! Power of the Mother Bear!

Never under estimate the power of your mother...this is why!

Games in the RV the Snow Bird life!

Bocce Balls in the sun 2008

HOW MANY DIFFERENT GAMES DO YOU KNOW HOW TO PLAY?  Why?  Well retirement is all about becomes a game. 

I, for example, I play with words.  The blog is my game board and words are the game tiles.  Still others love a game of golf or a game of bocce.  Card games, including Texas Hold em, are great favorites around here.  My friend played in a bocce tournament with us this morning and left immediately to play Bridge.
I am just pointing this out to you because I believe that games and puzzles are a wonderful way to keep our minds alive and allow us to socialize with others.  We fill our days with tasks including family, business and recreation.  For the recreation part of our life, games are the best thing to come along. 
Here in the resort you will need to be fearless...this is your opportunity to learn new things in the company of people just like you.  You can take that first yoga class with other peopl…

Best Hamburgers in Tucson AZ

Nimbus Brewery, home of the best burgers in Tucson...or at least that is what I think...has a new location over on Tanque Verde (6464 E. Tanque Verde Rd. Tucson).  This is a very upscale address here in Tucson.  This street has some very good well established restaurants.    It features a full bar with great Martinis! is not the old Nimbus in any way.

The old Nimbus (3850 E. 44th St.) is located near the rail road tracks across the freeway from Davis Monthan Airforce base.  Trains and planes almost pass through the middle of the place. The racket is deafening.  Many times rock and roll music blares and it is a hangout for pilots both men and women.  You cannot deny that this place has atmosphere++++.  I took a picture of one of the tee shirts worn by a waiter today as we were eating lunch before our daughter flew home.  It is located near to the airport (sort of).  The tee shirt said: 

You should be spanked!  Drinking beer other than a microbrew shows poor breeding and a gla…

Living retirement life with the neighbors...conversations about Health Care Reform!

We find a sharing kind of atmosphere here in the RV Resort. We pass things back and forth...table clothes, bedspreads, curtains, herbs, flour etc, etc, etc! We also share our past and how it has shaped our lives. That is what I would like to do for you today. The reason? It is the passing of the Health Care Reform Bill signed by President Obama this morning.

My husband and I are retired educators from the state of of the few states to refrain from filing a law suit against the mandate that everyone must carry insurance. Just so you will know where I stand, I rejoice in this. I am a person that does not want to be rich while others do without basic needs because they make poor choices or because they are left with no choices. They should not have a choice when it affects others and they should have a choice when they are backed into a corner because be pre-existing health problems. There you have it. I am what I am. Many disagree with me here in the park but they…

Vacation: Tanque Verde Guest Ranch, Tucson AZ

Corralled horses await riders on trails throughout the resort

We visited TanqueVerde Guest Ranch today and stayed for lunch in their beautiful dining room.  Our daughter and granddaughter are visiting with us this week so we get to show them the sights.  Tucson has so many hidden treasures and it truly has taken us a long time to dig out the places we know about. 

I always fall in love again with the 'wild west' when I visit this lovely resort.  Horse are corralled close to the center of the resort so visitors can greet and meet with the beautiful creatures.  This particular horse was taken with my daughter's jacket and kept trying to eat the buttons off the front.  How can you not love a horse with such a lovely personality?

The cowboy hat was purchased in the gift shop!  No adventure is complete without a little shopping.


Only the Good Fridays...Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel

Palm Spring golfing for less...comparing prices!

I received a comment from Links World Golf yesterday.  I had just posted an article that included information on how to golf on great courses and still save money.  The article was called  Living on a Budget.  Links World Golf is a site you can go to for reservations on golf tee times, hotels and car rentals.  It is a full service vacation web site.  If you are booking a vacation all in one place this might be just the location for you.

BUT if you book tee time separately you can save some money.   If you have your computer with you or can access a computer in the resort or RV Resort where you are staying, you can save at least $25 on every tee time by using golfnow. For example, I compared two tee times tomorrow morning using both golfnow and Links World Golf.  In Palm Springs at the La Quinta Resort and Club Dunes Course a tee time at 7:15 will cost you $139.00 including cart.  On Golf Now a similar tee time will be $115.00 including the cart.

We use golfnowmost of the time here in T…

Living on a, restaurants, resort living in Tucson, AZ

Image by Always at Home via Flickr  Fort Lowell Neighborhood Inexpensive living while still living in style is actually very easy.  It just takes a while to figure it out.  So here are some basic tips:
NEVER PAY FULL PRICE FOR GOLF.   There are links that you can connect to for discount golf in almost every resort area in the nation.  Here in Tucson golfnow, and EZLinks INC. are the services my husband uses.  You will find tee times afternoon are very reasonable but later in the season the very early tee time and the later afternoon tee time become more and more appealing.  
We also buy a Wild Cat Trail Card that is good for some very good courses and will give you a free round for your birthday at places like Tucson National.  I suggest you check that out if you are spending a season from Oct. to May.  The card it not good during high season.  If you birthday is during that time you can use it with a month of the date.  
If you spend the whole season and can produce a bill from your RV Pa…

Pages on Blogger

I have been looking for a way to sort my posts into categories so my readers can find more information easily.  The pages (Home, Rving & Travel plus more to come) have now become possible.  Check the pages out.  You will find links to posts related to the title.

Humor...Ode to Forgetfulness!

NEW THEME SONG FOR RETIRE IN STYLE BLOG Email jokes and videos are a dime a dozen and most of them have been around a hundred years.   But once in a while there is a joke or video that is just hilarious.  If you have already seen Ode to Forgetfulness forgive is worth watching again and itmade me laugh out loud.  Was it on this blog I told you about this calendar page quote on memory loss...

There is a good reason why they don't give women over 50   babies.  We would lay them down and forget where we left them! Enjoy the video or better yet sing along!


When is a motor home to old to drive down the road?

Monaco Coach
Crown Royal

I ask too many questions...I know that.  In my defense I mean no harm.

Yesterday I wrote about foreigners buying motor homes.   When I saw this Austrian couple's motor home, all I could think was "oh my goodness are you taking that out on the road?"  Paint worn, dented here and there, well used or used hard.   I did not imagine that they planned on travelingin the motor home.  I thought they were just going to live in it here in the southwest.  The gentleman was thoroughly disgusted with me..."why would I buy a motor home and park it?" he said.  I just stood mute...I didn't want to be rude.  "Oh, I am so sorry...I am dumb as a bag of hammers!"  I don't think he knew what I meant...not even a little.

We traveled with a couple that owned a coach about this vintage and it was a royal pain in the *%^&.  Solenoids, connections, leaks, stuck under name it. It was diesel pusher just like the one pictured above…

RV Resort Living...Expats/foreign Visitors and Motor Homes

VISITORS TO THE UNITED STATES AND MOTOR HOMES In the motor home section of our RV park you can find liscense plates from all over the United States and Canada.  Huge rigs pull in here for the gem show and the spaces remain full until the snow birds head home.  The spaces are large and newly paved.  But there are some motor homes parked through out the park in spaces left empty by park models that  have been sold or the owner has removed for various reasons.  My friend has a motor home parked next to her now.  The owners are from Austria.  They have come to the United States to travel so they purchased a second hand motor home and a new car to tow behind it.  They will stay for two weeks, travel in the western United States and then return to the park to store their RV.  They have Arizona license plates and a Tucson, AZ address.  Friends in town are helping them.  The motor home is quite old so resale on it will be a lot easier than if they bought new. 

It will work for them just fine…

Anna's Hummingbird...fighting for sugar!

Anna's Hummingbird Image via Wikipedia     Ruby-throated Hummingbird We have a hummingbird feeder just outside our living room window. Two hummingbirds have claimed it as their own.  If you understand these little creatures, you will know that war is the game they love more than any other.  One is a Ruby-throated Hummingbird and the other has red feathers around the side of it's head and is called Anna's Hummingbird.  The Anna's Hummingbird will sit on the railing of the feeder so we can get a "birds eye view" of all the red feathers.  When this bird is feeding the other will dive bomb the feeder and the game of war is on.  The Ruby-throated Hummingbird will even fly at us as we change the feeder water or even if we stand too close.  What these little creatures don't have in size they make up for in aggression.  I have jumped in the air several times when this bird caught me unaware. 

We also have a very large Saguaro Cactus outside the window.  Cactus Wre…

MSNBC on 5 keys to happiness!


Is this what it feels like to be old?  My daughter-in-law asked the question...not of us but of the universe in general.  She is the mother of a new baby plus 4 other children,in her middle thirties, and a professional.  She is not old...she is just a busy woman doing a lot every day.

As for feeling old...I can't say what that feels like.  Everyone needs to answer that question if they feel they must.  This morning posted an article about happiness and how you find it for yourself.  We all know that happiness is a frail emotion that can be crumpled with the raise of an eyebrow.  But it can be invoked MSNBC says. How? Information from MSNBC "5 things that make you happier":
Be grateful. Cicero said Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others.  I think he could have added It is the key to wellness and happiness.Be optimistic.  "...visualize an ideal future...and describe the image in a journal entry.…

Retirement Life Style Coaches (links & more) or Where will you the "state of Panic"?

Moonrise over the Rincon Mountains, Tucson AZ 2010 Do you have a plan for a retirement lifestyle or are you just planning on "traveling" for the rest of your life?  If you don't have a vision or plan, you probably need to do a little research and even visit a retirement lifestyle coach seminar so that you can form a better image of life after retirement.  And I am not talking about money...I am talking about LIVING! 

Yesterday I had the privilege of sitting next to a very interesting lady on my flight from Portland to Phoenix.  She was a world traveler, an artist and a reader.  She was reading a travel book that looked very interesting.  She also had a financial magazine on her lap.

We talked a bit about this and that.  The conversation turned to retirement.  Evidently her spouse works a lot and does not like the idea of retiring. Locations for retirement came up and she stated that she didn't want to live in Vancouver, WA. when they retired.   I told her that it had…