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Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge Pictures

Note: I urge you to click on the images so you can see them full screen. It is very impressive May of 2009
October 2009

Last May I posted about traveling over Hoover Dam on our way home from Arizona. I also posted several pictures of the area and of the Hoover Dam bypass bridge that is being constructed. I love this trip on so many levels. The scenery is spectacular, the dam construction is poetry on a high wire and the public areas on the dam are just a beautiful piece of American Art Deco craftsmanship.  ( I love this style and the book  Art Deco Complete: The Definitive Guide to the Decorative Arts of the 1… is one I would love to have.)
Last May the arch that will ultimately support the span over the canyon was not nearly completed. We were thrilled to see it joined together waiting for the road to rest on it's back. You could see the over head pulley system with buckets they are using to carry material and men(?) out onto the arch to work. I wish I had been there the d…

Snow Birds: Oregon to Arizona...Ogden Canyon, Ut

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Ogden Canyon, Ogden Utah
October 4, 2009

We left Portland on Saturday, October 3rd. We arrived in Las Vegas on October 5. The stops on the way were both good experiences. The snow...well that was another thing. As we passed through Idaho on I-84 and then south into Utah it was just beginning to snow in earnest. We noticed in the news the next day it had snowed 2 feet. The unexpected seems to be the rule when we travel. If you are just beginning to travel or have done very little, I am suggesting that you do a humor check...the attitude has to be right or you will NOT have fun!

On the second night we stopped in one of our World Mark condo units located east of Ogden at Wolf Creek World Mark. (The resort is located 13 or so miles east of Ogden on Highway 39.) Even though it did snow as we were leaving, I did get some beautiful pictures of the area. All I could think was "Mother Nature must be a little surprised by this too." Snow fell on trees still cove…

Boise, Id to Las Vegas via OGDEN, UT.

Isn't traveling fun...the truck stop food, the $3.28 per gallon gas with an out-of-order restroom...the snow on October 3? It is just a barrel of monkey flying down the road...really! Now if you do not have a sense of humor or are not grounded in the fact that life is not a smooth road to the sunshine, then you may not be able to laugh at what a trip will throw at you. I have a friend that says that my husband and I should not be allowed to leave our home. She may be right but we love the adventure. We were on trip near Three Mile Island nuclear facility in Penn. when it malfunctioned, we lived through black outs in Boston, we were in Spain with visas to go to Saudi Arabia when the war broke out in Iraq, we were on Koh Samui, an island in the Gulf of Thailand when the tsunami hit in the Indian Ocean, we have been on the destination part of our trip when the airline we had booked to come home went on strike...and the list goes on. But we have never seen it as a bad thing (w…

Insurance Agent...a real person might have the best rate!!!

I only have a few words of advice...when you are shopping for insurance, don't forget the old fashions "Insurance Agent". My husband spent a great deal of time online, searching for the right insurance. In the end he found that, when he began to talk directly with an agent using our existing policy as a comparison, we were able to get car insurance with what we wanted for what we could pay. The company that had accident forgiveness, gave us a better deal because we were educated and did not punish us for being "senior citizens". Liberty Mutual was the company.


Just thought you should know.

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