Aug 17, 2009

Choices in Retirement Locations...ARIZONA VS FLORIDA

ARIZONA VS FLORIDA (not a football game)

If you are looking for a retirement locations, here is some information you may find interesting.

Florida it seems has fallen under the cloud of pessimism. Retirees from all over the nation have flooded the state with their presence and their money for heaven knows how many years. But when our country fell into a recession, seniors could have been the first to pull back and cover their losses. It could be that it has influenced Florida's real estate market causing a big bust and unemployment has risen to over 10+ percent. I am thinking that Florida is not where I want to be...but then it never was! You may decided differently.

Arizona, the state I fly away to in the winter, has an unemployment rate at a little over 8 percent. But then Arizona could be a little bit more down to earth. There are some very high rent districts but for the most part, it's people are not rich. For those that migrate in the winter to warmer climates looking for sunny weather and affordable living this is the perfect location. People from as far away as Scotland and Nova Scotia, Canada think our RV resort is the answer. And this resort is one of many many spread through out the state. In Tucson the small park models sell for anywhere from $5,000 up. Not bad for a place that you can live in for 6 mo. out of the year.

We are selling our RV and being paid in part with a trailer in Mesa. The units is 12 ft wide and 55 ft long. It is very old but in great condition. It is valued at about the same as the park models but has 2 bedrooms and two very large awnings. These places should last forever if they are cared for and they only need occasional cosmetic changes to make them into winter "doll houses". They are actually Arizona's version of a cottage at the lake. Nothing fancy but located in parks with activities to fill the days and nights. Cards, dancing, swim exercise classes, art facilities, woodworking shops, photography clubs....and the list goes on...are enough to keep everyone occupied. I have found that residents don't really want to go home when the season is pretty boring back home they tell me!

In the end, it is about trying a few places out and finding the state and community that works for you. If you are thinking that Florida is the place for you, there may be some great real estate deals for you. But if you are looking at Arizona, I know for sure that, even with a limited income, you can have lots of fun and keep a little change in your pocket.

No matter what happens in the "real estate" market, snow birds can live in a world all their own. Sunshine can always be found...optimism keeps everyone healthy and the life span of happy retirees should be longer than those that live in places that are filled with gloom and doom. This particular segment of society has learned to keep it simple. The boomers are going to learn a lot from them.

Just thought you would want to know.


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