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Shanghai, China A Bloggers View

My son, his wife and our two granddaughters flew back to Shanghai, China today. They spend about six weeks in the states in the summer and have jobs in Pu Dong, Shanghai, PRC. They have lived in China for four years. So, as a result of this wonderful son's job, my husband and I have spent about six weeks in China over the last three years. When I say we have "been there and done that", I mean we really have been there and done that. AND I want to be there and do that again really soon.

Shanghai is just a wonderful city in every regard. It has been dubbed the "Paris of the Orient". Charming neighborhoods, interesting shops and just enough of the ancient city remain to make it very charming. The Chinese do not speak English fluently but they are very welcoming and helpful. Expats and tourist collect business cards for their favorite restaurants or locations and hand them to the taxi drivers. Usually you will arrive where you intend to be. The Metro subw…

Portland Oregon Vacation...stay in the suburbs!!!!

Yesterday's answers: Barnes and Noble, Waterfront Park, Brew Pub in St. Helens, Ore., McTarnahans Brew Pub, Countryside view near Carlton, Oregon.

I have a wonderful suggestion for you if you are heading to Portland, Oregon. Go out to one of the suburbs and stay in a bed and breakfast or hotel near the Max line. It is our life style for everyday. We live in a Hillsboro neighborhood called Orenco Station. The planned community as it's very own grocery, restaurants, Starbucks and even a store that features pet supplies. A manicurist, Oregon Hazelnut store and foreign import shop round the services out. There is a Marriot Suites hotel as well as a small hotel called Orenco Manor Hotel Suites. I walk by these browns stone homes that now house the hotel daily. I cannot imagine a more luxurious accommodations.

My son and his wife fly in from China, rent a car and drive out to Orenco Station. They can then take Max to downtown Portland and spend the day. Or they can take …

Where in the world am I? Hint: Portland, Oregon Metro Area

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Dragging MOM and DAD Screaming/Kicking to a Smaller House

I remember a story written by the famous Norwegian writer Henrik Ibsen. In this short tale he told of parents taking their very old parents to the poor house. The young grandchildren came along for the journey. When it came time to leave the old people behind, they were given one blanket. A small child yelled "Wait!" and ran up and tore the blanket in half. The father asked "Why did you do that" and the child answered "I will need the other half when I bring you here when you are old."

The story of aging has changed a lot since the later part of the 19th century. But children still are feeling the need to take over their parents life. It could be that they are seeing themselves as the "caregiver" a long time before they need to. Here are some thoughts.


When should you suggest that your parents "Right Size" their lives? Let's say your mother and father are living in a five bedroom house and all the children…

Oregon Brews Festival, Resturants...a day in Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon, July 25, 2009
The Oregon Brewers Festivalis in town.

Portland, Oregon is notorious for the number of "brew pubs" in it's metro area. When doing a search on google, I got over 1600 hits. So when the Brew Fest comes to town it is indeed a very BIG DEAL!!! After all with 80 different brews, Mt. Hood on one side and the Portland skyline on the other, how can you miss.

Vendors from around the country set up camp on the Willamette River water front in huge tents and Portlanders give them just what they want...a lot of attention and waves of shouting from tent to tent! Families come and set up camp along the fence that separates the water front walking path from the grounds. Admission is free and EVERYONE is carded as they enter. Small children are admitted...I don't know what they do about families with older children.

Portland, being the place that it is, provides activities for the children in Root Beer Tent where tattoos are painted on, a water tabl…

Down Sizing or Rightsizing? It's all in the attitude.

This is the house
my grandmother and grandfather
moved into 60 years ago when they "right sized" their life.

I was going through my twitter twits this afternoon when I noticed a blog link from the Red Stone Community in Alhambra, California. I think you all may find it very interesting.

Rightsizing Your Life is that move we all make where we decide that the children are not going to come home with three children of their own and a giant dog! While our culture may call it downsizing the truth is we are choosing to life in a house that fits our lifestyle now. is all in the attitude. Take a look at this article and then check out the book on


Rightsizing Your Live: Simplifying Your Surroundings While Keeping What Matter Most (Paperback) by Kiji Ware Author is available at

Charbonneau Living, Wilsonville, Oregon

If you should choose to retire in Oregon or have a second home here, Charbenneau in Wilsonville may be the place for you. The resort feeling community has a variety of types of homes. While Condos, apartments and alone houses provide just what you need. It is designed for aging in place or at least in the community and there are assisted living facilities and even an Alzheimer's unit near by.

The Charbenneau Golf Club located within the community features three nines. This type of course gives a member or visitor a variety of golfing experience without having to travel far from home. When you look at the rates, you will be very pleased. Weekend rates come it at $28 and a junior can play nine for only $10. For a retired Senior that loves to play, this could be just perfect. If you have grandchildren that want to play with you, it is very affordable.

More information in a day or two. I will include pictures.


RV fun at it's best!

RV set up with computer.
This is a 35 ft. 2002 Dolphin with
around 20,000 miles on it.
We are still trying to sell it but are
enjoying it in the mean time.
More information available at

Camping with family is one of the finer things in life. All the wealth in the world will not replace time spent at a camp ground close to home with lots of children, tents and tons of food. I suppose that is why the "staycation" is becoming so popular. After all, fun is fun and whether it cost a lot doesn't matter especially to children.

My almost six granddaughter just kept saying over and over "I am having so much fun." Now this child has travels all over the world, stayed in the finest hotels and seen things you and I can never imagine. Her spring break was spent in Viet Nam this year. I rest my case.

I suppose pitching the tents provided the most amusement of all. How do you pitch a tent? Well you gather all you brothers, sisters, in-laws, neices and …