Mar 29, 2009

Tanque Verde Guest Ranch, Tucson, Arizona

Tanque Verde Guest Ranch

Dude. Yeah you! Wanna ride a horse or go for a bicycle ride? Well have I got the place for you.

Today my husband and took a ride out to the east end of Speedway in Tucson, AZ to visit a dude ranch. Located on the north most corner of Saguaro National Park, Tanque Verde Guest Ranch is endorsed by Best Western, a part of the the Cote Family Company, on The Historic Hotels of America and a member The Dude Ranch Association. In a nod to the relaxed life style in the Southwest it might be noted that even though we were not guests we would be welcome to dine in the dining room and wander around the grounds. We were just blown away by the beauty of the place.

When we drove into the parking lot, a beautiful lawn greeted us with a stable of horses just across the road. We walked into the lobby of hotel to find the most beautiful Southwestern design I have seen in quite a while. The lobby at the Arizona Inn near the University of Arizona may be close but I haven't been there for a year.
Photo of Arizona Inn
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Activities at the ranch are designed for people that love the outdoors. A bicycle shop sits very close to the activities office that arranges for horse back rides and lessons for young and old riders. I saw a sign up sheet for mountain biking on the bulletin board near the dining room. A pool, dancing, fishing, tennis and hiking trails round out their amenities.

A walk around the grounds reveals cactus of every size and shape. At this time of year many are in bloom. It was a delightful little side trip for us. We have a 50th anniversary coming up...maybe we will include Tanque Verde Guest Ranch in our celebration.

NOTE: Back home at the park model we found a Dove nesting in the palm tree across the street. The branch from the tree had fallen down so she made her nest almost at ground level. Her baby is almost grown and we are hoping that a Road Runner doesn't discover the chick before it can fly. Life in the desert is hard.

Have a wonderful week.


Sunday Ramblings...Earth Hour, the Morning After!

Sunday Ramblings...Earth Hour, the Morning After!

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Mar 25, 2009

Earth Hour in Tucson

Tuscon will be joining the rest of the world in Earth Hour. Next Saturday night between the hours of 8:30 p.m and 9:30 p.m. everyone is asked to turn their lights off and join astronomers in watching the night skies. In Tucson and the surrounding area, night light pollution and smog have decreased the visibility for observatories. At one time lights were kept dim here in Tucson but now shopping malls and cars are actually effecting the night sky visibility.

Local events are being stages on or near the University of Arizona campus. Restaurants on 4th Avenue will serve candle light dinners and students or the young at heart will thrown glow-in-the-dark Frisbees. Dark beer will be served in places like Bison Witches and Delectables. The university will be dimming campus lights and large neon signs at Fox Theater will be turned off. Pima County Court House will also dim their lights.

Information from:
Earth Hour's darkness will enlighten billions
by Tom Beal
Arizona Daily Star, Wednesday March 25.2009

Kitt Peak
Tom Beal

Mar 20, 2009

Where not to be in February! Retirees reason for going south!

A friend sent this video. He and his wife are wheat ranchers in Saskatchewan. In a nut shell...this is why we come south to spend time with old and new friends.

Have a wonderful sun filled day!


Mar 18, 2009

Tucson, AZ....a day in the life of a retiree!

Life in the RV resort continues to be an adventure. We play Bocce Ball once a week with another couple. We love it because it is fun but all too often others take it very seriously. I love the look of the balls on the court in the late after noon. The shadows and colors appeal to my eye. The benches set at the side and believe it or not people do come and watch.

We laugh and joke...probably too loudly for the neighbors. We CANNOT sit in the shade across the street because the gentleman that owns the park model does not want anyone to sit there. We found that out the hard way!

The historic neighborhood near Fort Lowell Park here in Tucson provides some wonderful picture taking opportunities. A small collection of connected adobe dwelling are being used even though they are almost hidden behind cacti and wild flowers. Stones line the gravel entrance and pots sit on courtyard walls.

Performers in airshows around the country come to Tucson to practice their aerial acrobatics. We always enjoy the show. This picture was taken as I stood on the west side of my park model. There was no talking with the neighbors outside on this day. The noise is deafening...and the show is spectacular!

We frequently eat out with friends. The Trident Grill is located near to Tucson Medical Center. A retired Navy Seal owns the restaurant and the decor is a real departure from what you normally seen in Tucson. The food was about *** but the atmosphere and friendly college age waitresses made it a fun lunch place.

Aren't vacations wonderful?


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