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Living with Nature in Tucson

Living here in the desert of Arizona in the winter has allowed us to witness the wonders of nature up close and personal . We have a cactus across the street from that is home to two or three Cactus Wren nests A hummingbirds feed in front of our window and reprimands us when the sugar water has been sipped into nothingness. We live in harmony with bees and lizards...even an occasional rattlesnakes finds it's way into our park. Javelin's live in the wash about 25 yards from our front door and have managed to get lost in our neighborhood even in the middle of the day. One of the neighbors feeds Road Runners when they come and peer in her sliding glass door. We all respect each other's right to be here and for the most part nothing bad happens.

Yesterday when we were playing golf at the Fred Inke Municipal Golf Course on the east side of Tucson, we had the privilege of seeing a Bobcat run across the road in front of us. As I approached my tee box I looked to the left …

Retirement Living...Tucson Arizona as a choice!

Catalina Mountains
the photographers dream
come true!

Saguaro Cactus
growing under the nurse tree.

Nogale, Sonora, Mexico
Market Bargains
Spring Training
March 2008
Green and brown...these are the two colors we live with. In Oregon on the west side of that state we live with rain. That makes everything very green and lush...year around. We love the smell of things growing when we return home in the late spring. Flowers bloom with wild abandon and moss grows on the north side of the trees.
In Arizona the earth turns brown in the winter and the only green to be seen are beautiful cactus. But the sun shines...a lot. We golf in January, February, March and April. We go back to Oregon in May. The rain is not a problem. We have just enough cold weather to allow us to set our seasonal alarm clocks.

The culture of the two places reflect the weather in many ways. Oregon is a very green, liberal state in a lot of ways. Conservation, recycling and public transportation is very big, at least in …

Bicycle Road Riding...Tucson, AZ life style!

Road riding bicyclists returning from a road ride to the Vail Flea Market. A beautiful day in Tucson, AZ.

I think that retirement is ALL about quality of life. When you choose the lifestyle that suits you, be it golfing, travel, hiking or biking, the location you select will make all the difference. The thing that will surprise you most of all is that it does not have to be expensive.

My husband and I winter in an RV resort on the eastside of Tucson, AZ. The award winning park is called Rincon Country East (8989 East Escalante Rd.). We live in a Park Model (trailer) that is about 12 feet wide and about 35 feet long. It over looks the Pantano Wash and the Rincon Mountains in the east and the Catalina mountains in the north. It cost us less than $15,000. ( We also own another park model that is for sale or rent. We rent it for $50 a day.) We do rent the park model spaces but it is a small price to pay for a million dollar location!

Now comes the life style part. We live a 5…