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Tucson, AZ.....bicycling heaven

Ethan and his sister, Elena

A ride into the desert evening
will help you believe in God once more!

Sunset from Beaudry RV Resort
Tucson, Az

We have a friend that is one of those aging freaks of nature. He is approaching 80 (77 or 78) and just had a wreck on his ten speed bike that laid him up for a few days. He was riding to the repair shop to get the bike tuned up. I think a careless driver probably pushed him into the curb. AND he is not the only one that enjoys such a vigorous life here in the desert. I swear there at those pods that keep you young forever floating around in the pool...or maybe it is just the water.

He rides his bike into the desert near our RV resort and can go into the Saguaro National Park East to ride trails. I recall recently a ride that was ten mile which for a man of his age is quite a distance. He is one of the few seniors that actually dawns a helmet when he rides. (We are just plain stupid when it comes to that sort of thing.) We have several other se…

Tucson, Arizona's...The Pines Golf Club a golf course.

We played golf yesterday at a course located in Marana, Arizona (just northwest of Tucson). The Pines Golf Club was built on the site of an older golf course. It has been revamped to snuggle among the rocks and waters of an old gravel pit site. The natural part of the landscape has stayedunchanged remaining in it's natural state inside the quarry. But on the rim surrounding it, the well maintained golf course is manicure beautifully. Before many years beautiful homes will surround the greens and fairways. ( You can catch a glimpse of the first home on the rim over looking the quarry in the upper right hand of the picture.)

My husband located our tee time on EZ Links where he "bid" on the price. We paid about $35 for our rounds of golf. We had a wonderful game of golf, saw rabbits, Road Runners, and Quail while the temperature hovered around 75 degrees. AND we were back in the RV park in time to watch the rest of the Arizona/Philadelphia football game. It was…