May 23, 2008

When the Conspinkey Doesn't Work

Once in a while we just need to have some fun!
Conspinky junk?

a Conspinky performance?

[Fiction] Friday #56

A voice could be heard in the back of the Corner Car Filler and Grocery Store.

Floybership it! Ratyronter it! When the conspinkey is not workiang the whole place just goes to jaddenramp! I can't get the intooler, or the upsticken to work and for sure the poopdropper is never going to flowup. It does not make my day any easier when my ousernlaw shows up lipcurling and regumming. If the conspinkey is on the fritzenshut I am giubg for the grambelingston! Is that upfousten or downfistering? Who cares.

Take that English Language.


conspinky on ice?

May 21, 2008

Condo for Sale: Hillsboro, Oregon

City of Portland
Orenco Station Condo
NOTE:  SOLD  in 2011!

We have a beautiful condo for sale that has been totally renovated on the exterior (paid for) in an award winning community just blocks from the Intel campus. It is not listed at the present time so the price drops by thousands of dollars. It has two bedrooms, an office space, beautiful laminate floors and is painted with decorator colors that are sure to fit any one's needs. You can contact us at

Hillsboro, Oregon is part of the greater Portland, Oregon metropolitan area and lies about 15 miles from the downtown core area. We live 3 block from a mass transit line that will take you to the city center in about 40 minutes (cost: 75 cents for senior citizens). We are short walk from Intel campuses.

Our subdivision is a planned community called Orenco Station. It has all the, restaurants, dentists and of course the obligatory coffee shop. Not only do you get a home when you move to our area, you get a way of life.

contact me at


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